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TMG USB IO-Link Master V2 – EMC

The TMG - USB IO-Link Master V2 EMC is a very simple tool to test the EMC sensitivity of the IO-Link communication at IO-Link devices according to the IO-Link test specification. These IO-Link specific EMC tests cannot be performed with a normal IO-Link master, since special communication and statistics functions must be implemented for this purpose. The additional effort for the IO-Link specific tests is reduced to a minimum.

TMG USB IO-Link Master V2

The TMG USB IO-Link Master V2 - EMC is operated in the EMC test without PC, because the USB interface of standard PCs is not suitable to be used in an EMC test environment. For power supply the supplied 24V power supply unit and additionally a standard 5V USB power supply unit (not part of the scope of supply) is required. Prerequisite for the use of the TMG USB IO-Link Master V2 - EMC is the support of the "Application Specific Tag" in the IO-Link device under test. This is used for configuration and for reading back the results.

For configuration and readout of statistics the TMG USB IO-Link Master V2 - EMC can be used with the TMG IO-Link Device Tool V5.1 - SE software. This is included in the scope of delivery.

The master can operate in two modes:

  • Continuous measurement:
    • When repeats or disconnects occur, the front LEDs of the device will signal the event for 5 sec, and then continue testing.
    • The overall result can later be read out from the "Application Specific Tag".
    • Pin 2 also signals the error, so that it can be recognized at which frequency the problem occurs. This can also be easily automated.
  • Time interval measurement:
    • According to the specification, the repetitions are counted over the specified time interval and connection terminations are detected.
    • At the end of the test interval, the result is available on the LEDs as a summarized result and in the "Application Specific Tag" as count values.


The TMG USB IO-Link Master V2 - EMC is not designed to perform the EMC test regarding the device function. For this it would have to communicate via USB during the EMC test, which we do not recommend. Commercially available PCs are not suitable for this purpose. We therefore recommend using a fieldbus or Ethernet-based IO-Link master for this test.

  • TMG USB IO-Link Master V2 – EMC
    • Suitable for IO-Link version V1.0 and V1.1 devices
      • Prerequisite : Device supports "Application Specific Tag/Name".
    • Connection of the IO-Link devices via M12 plug
      • Pin 2 can be used as a signal/trigger output for signaling errors with a light or an acoustic signal generator or as a signal for log recording (signal generator not included).
    • The TMG USB IO-Link Master V2 - EMC must be operated with a standard USB power supply (not included) and additionally with the enclosed 24V external power supply.
    • Dimensions with/without M12: L x H x W 70/55 mm x 25 mm x 40 mm
    • PC Software: TMG IO-Link Device Tool V5.1 – SE
  • TMG USB IO-Link Master V2 – EMC
  • PC- Software: TMG IO-Link Device Tool V5.1 – SE
    • Provided as download
  • Plug-in power supply 115/230V - 24V (1A) with international adapters
  • USB A to USB Mini Cable