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We master technologies and help you integrate them

We accompany you from the preparation of projects in product management, through specification and implementation of development, to certification and market launch. With our experience with the most diverse systems worldwide, we also help you choose the best technology for you.

Even if we are primarily a software company, we work very close to the hardware and help you with the conceptual hardware design up to the schematic review regarding the communication technology. With partners we also realize device developments including the hardware especially if the device functions are mainly used for communication.

Control technology and functional safety are increasingly integrated and networked with each other throughout. Here, too, we support you in the realization using the appropriate software development process.

Compared to many competitors, we have the advantage of not only being able to integrate the communication stacks, but also to develop and maintain them ourselves. In addition to greater flexibility, this also helps us to create the most modern and competitive solutions.

In addition to using our own technology components, we also carry out projects with products from partners. This also includes the intensive partnership with the leading semiconductor manufacturers for the use of their communication ICs.

Time to Market

We relieve your experts in our subject areas while you can concentrate on your core competencies. We determine the interface and the division of tasks on a project-specific basis. Together we can bundle competencies and additionally achieve a faster market entry.

Design to Cost

We help with the selection of the right architecture and hardware components, especially from a cost perspective. We have experience with different platforms and are not locked into the use of specific technology components.

Our development services at a glance:

  • Realization of system and architecture analyses
  • Problem-oriented technology selection
  • Specification and design
  • Development and integration
  • Porting and integration of software solutions
  • Certification support
  • Development workshops and support


Technology trainings and
       technology workshops

The experts at TMG Technologie und Engineering have more than 35 years of experience in industrial communication and automation. This applies equally to discrete applications in manufacturing automation and to continuous processes in process automation.

With workshops and trainings we help you to make decisions and build up know-how. We always tailor workshops to the respective group of participants and objectives. You define the objective, whether more strategic and for the entry into digitization for the management or whether technical in detail for the hardware, software or test specialists.

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Competence and Test Center

We are accredited as a Competence Center for PROFINET and PROFIBUS by PROFIBUS & PROFINET International (PI) and as a Competence and Test Center for IO-Link by the IO-Link Community.

We provide technology consulting, certification and testing support, and clarify organizational issues relating to user organizations.

Mit unserem Engagement in den Nutzerorganisationen stellen wir sicher, immer auf dem aktuellsten Wissenstand zu sein, und beeinflussen die Entwicklung der Technologien im Interesse unserer Kunden. Auch wenn es bei anderen Organisationen kein Competence Center gibt, so leisten wir diese Unterstützung auch für andere Systeme. We are also a member of the EtherCAT Technology Group (ETG) and the Open DeviceNet Vendors Association (ODVA)..

Our offer as IO-Link Test Center:

IO-Link Device and Master Conformance Test

As an accredited test center, we perform all the necessary tests for you. You would like to have a competent partner in advance who advises you and accompanies you up to the actual test? Then take advantage of our many years of experience and benefit from our knowledge as the market leader in the field of IO-Link stacks.

Protocol test, physical layer test, EMC test and, for devices, the IODD test must be performed. To create the test report, we also accept test reports for EMC and physical layer of the applicants, if these meet the respective valid IO-Link test specification. Protocol test and IODD test are always performed by us.

IO-Link Device and Master Physical Layer Test

The physical layer test is also mandatory for member companies. This is quite complex and requires a lot of training. TMG TE has largely automated this in its test center and the test personnel is appropriately qualified. Therefore we offer the Physical Layer Test as a separate service.

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