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PROFIBUS Slave Stack DP V1

Our PROFIBUS DP V1 Slave Stack is at least in the process automation with PROFIBUS PA one of the most used stacks worldwide. TMG TE was involved in the standardization of PROFIBUS from the beginning and developed its own stack. This is, with for example the SPC4 ASIC from Siemens, the most used stack.

With the increasing performance of microcontrollers and their communication interfaces we have developed PROFIBUS DP V1 slave solutions with up to 12 MBaud, which are based on standard microcontrollers and do not require a special ASIC.

  • For Texas Instruments Sitara including the PRU units.
  • On standard 32-bit microcontrollers similar to STM32G4 preferably as PROFIBUS subcontroller

  • The first implementation was done with the OMAP137 and AM1810. This was continued with the AM335/437 and AMIC110/120 and now transferred to the new AM243 and AM64x.
  • The really time-critical parts of layer 2 are implemented as µcode in the PRUs of these controllers. Layer 7 is executed on the CPU. The PROFIBUS Layer 7 stack is written in ANSI-C.
  • The µCode in the PRUs and the system integration is supplied by Texas Instruments. Examples for integration (starter kit) on AM335 with sysbios or on OMAP/AM1810 with Linux are also available from Texas Instruments.
  • The UART-based solution contains a Layer 2 implementation that can be used on many different microcontrollers if the performance and technical specifications of the UART allow it.

  • Implemented with standard MCU
  • No special PROFIBUS ASIC required
  • 12 MBaud
  • More performance for applications with lower manufacturing costs
  • Prefabricated in-design solution for remote microcontroller on request
  • Source code
  • Documentation