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IO-Link Safety Master Library

IO-Link Safety Master Stack

The IO-Link Safety Master Library implements the IO-Link safety communication protocol for an IO-Link safety master according to "IO-Link Safety - System Extensions with SMI". With this software, manufacturers can develop and implement IO-Link Safety Masters (IOLS Master) that are able to communicate with IO-Link Safety Devices (IOLS Device).

The central component of the IOLS Master Library is the Master Safety Communication Layer State Machine (SCL). This software implements the state transitions described in detail in the specification. For each master (port) there is one instance of the master SCL state machine. The FSP parameters required for the management and operation of the IO-Link safety protocol are taken from the initialization function for each master instance. It contains all the data required for configuring the corresponding master safety protocol. Translated with (free version)

In addition, the IO-Link Safety Master Library contains interface functions for the application layer that enable the functions of the IOLS Master Library to be used.

The IO-Link Safety Master Library has been developed platform-independently and with interfaces that do not place any special requirements on the hardware platform and in particular on the internal communication between the safety controllers. The software is designed for two-channel operation. Safety integrity level SIL 3 can be achieved with the software. In addition, gateway applications for PROFIsafe, FSOE and others are in preparation.

To configure your IO-Link safety master, you can also use our IO-Link Device Tool V5.1 - PE with the safety extension. For the integration of the IO-Link safety master we have extended our SMI-TCP protocol for IO-Link safety. We are also happy to offer you the software as an OEM version.

The IO-Link Safety Master Library is certified by TÜV Süd.

  • Supports IO-Link Safety Specification V1.3
    • The accepted change requests and, if necessary, a new output status of the specification are supported
  • Easily portable to different platforms
  • Consistent separation of protocol stack and integration components
  • Does not require an operating system
  • Standardized Master Interface (SMI) for configuration

  • Program code: ca. 4,6 Kbyte
  • RAM: ca. 160 Byte
  • Requirements for
    • IOLS device test project: approx.21 KByte Flash ; approx. 4.8 KByte RAM
    • IOLS device test project with LOG function: approx. 27 KByte Flash; 5.8 KByte RAM
      • this test project partly includes the module test, especially the SCL test. This software is not needed in the final device firmware and is only intended for validation of the target platform

  • Source code in ANSI C99
  • PDF documentation and sample application
  • Safety documentation
    • User and integration manual
    • Certificate
  • Does not include the IO-Link master stack (Black Channel)