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IO-Link Safety Device Library


With the help of the IO-Link Safety Library, IO-Link safety applications can be implemented more easily than ever before. You don't have to sacrifice any of the advantages of the universal and standardized IO-Link interface. On the contrary, you not only use the full scope of all functions of Black Channel communication, but also have a completely safe system in one at the same time. You therefore do not need any specially shielded cables or similar. You can connect your IO-Link device as usual with a simple M12 connector. Communication to the master takes place via the standardized IO-Link safety protocol. Here it is possible to exchange cyclic safe input and output process data and additionally acyclic diagnostic and parameter information.

The library is developed platform-independent and with interfaces that do not place any special requirements on the hardware platform and in particular on the internal communication between the safety controllers. The software is designed for two-channel operation. The safety integrity level SIL 3 can be achieved with the software.

The IO-Link Safety Library is certified by TÜV Süd.

  • Supports IO-Link Safety Specification V1.3
    • The accepted change requests and, if necessary, a new output status of the specification are supported
  • Easily portable to various platforms
  • Consistent separation of safety library (protocol stack) and integration components
  • Does not require operating system
  • To check the function together with the development environment and target platform, we supply module test software in addition to the Safety Library, which can be compiled and executed for the target platform. Although this is not mandatory, it is a meaningful additional measure from our point of view.
  • The IO-Link Safety Library is certified by TÜV Süd.
  • Program code: 6,2 Kbyte
  • RAM: 256 Byte
  • Requirements for
    • IOLS device test project: 32.8 KByte Flash ; 5.2 KByte RAM
    • IOLS device test project with LOG function: 41 KByte Flash; 5.2 KByte RAM
    • this test project partly includes the module test, especially the SCL test. This software is not needed in the final device firmware and is only intended for validation of the target platform

  • Source code in ANSI C99
  • PDF documentation and sample application
  • Safety documentation
    • User and integration manual
    • Certificate
  • Module test software


Does not include the IO-Link Device Stack and the IO-Link Device Stack Extensions (Black Channel)