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EtherNet/IP Adapter Stack

Our EtherNet/IP Adapter Stack is universal and can be used for most field devices. The core of the EtherNet/IP Adapter Stack is completely hardware independent and supports 32-bit microprocessors and microcontrollers (ARM, Intel, PowerPC, Rx, STM32 or others). A real-time operating system and TCP/IP stack are required for execution. Microkernel RTOS like FreeRTOS, emBos, TI-RTOS have proven themselves very well.

  • Modules of the stack (in orange)
  • Interfaces of the stack (dot line)
    • are the header files to be associated with the library
  • Sources of the user layer (in blue)
    • These should be adjusted depending on the hardware and operating system.
    • In addition, there are "USER files" to be implemented by the user

If the performance of the platform is high enough or the cycle time requirements are not very high, Linux with real-time extension can also be used.

The software is supplied as ANSI-C source code including a user manual and implementation examples.

  • Compliant with the latest EtherNet/IP specification
  • Easily portable to many platforms
  • LLDP support (includes LLDP stack)
  • Hardware: Compatible with 32-bit microprocessors (Big Endian, Little Endian)
    • e.g. ARM, Intel, PowerPC, Rx oder andere
  • Portable to any real-time operating system (e.g. Free RTOS, Embos, TI-RTOS, Linux)
  • ROM: approx. 90 Kbyte (stack + sample)
    • Depending on the application, number of connections and ports
  • RAM:275 Kybte (Stack+ Sample)
    • Depending on the application, number of connections and ports
  • The specifications are:
    • without OS and SNMP
    • incl. allocation for the sample application (approx. 250 kByte RAM)

  • C source code
  • Documentation
  • Sample code for operating system adaptation
  • Application example for quick start
  • Note

    The stack itself does not contain the TCP/IP stack. However the necessary interfaces are available and documented to be able to integrate the stack into different environments.

    Platform integrations

    The EtherNet/IP Adapter Stack is portable to many platforms. We can provide support for this in projects. We consider some platforms as preferred platforms for which more experience is available. For the integration we can use existing sources and offer them at least faster. These platforms include Sitara from Texas Instruments, RZ from Renesas as well as STM32 Cortex M4 or similar + Switch or Phy with FreeRTOS, LwIP.

    For simpler devices or where manufacturing costs or low power dissipation are particularly important, integration on single-chip microcontrollers is an option: Either with a managed switch from Mircrochip like KZ8863 for Ethernet 100MBit/s or with a phy like Analog Devices ADIN 1110 for the Advanced Physical Layer (APL). FreeRTOS with LwIP can be used as operating system.